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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Welcome to Willy

Our Day Out, Blood brothers, Educating Rita, a few titles you may have come across in your life, whether that be during your high school years or in your spare time. These works are masterpieces of the renowned English playwright and composer, Willy Russell.

Willy Russell
Willy Russell is one of the special guests making his way centre stage to discuss his successful career, and we will also get the opportunity to hear Willy read some of his fantastic work later on in the session.

So if I still haven't managed to entice you into the event, then let me add that you will get the chance to hear about Our Day Out, the musical play happening at the Curve in April! Our very own De Montfort University students (including me) will be putting on the show! It entails a bunch of disadvantaged kids who take a lengthy journey to Lincoln Castle, stopping at various places along the way, causing chaos! It's been described as 'a poignant celebration of the joys and agonies of growing up, and of being footloose, fourteen and free from school!' This brilliant collaboration of our very own students and the Curve Leicester is definitely not to be missed!

If you are a writer or dramatist, you may regret not going to this one. Willy knows his stuff; if any of you have read any of his work, you'll understand how great his writing is. His writing gets a reaction out of you, makes you think, makes you feel something; something most aspiring writers aim to do.

An Audience with Willy Russell
7-8pm, Wednesday 2nd March @ Hugh Aston 0.10

Get your Our Day Out tickets now at:

Shannon Webb

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