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Monday, 5 March 2012

Enterprise for all

The talk on social enterprise was full of information and ideas.

Social enterprise is a business where by, surplus value does not benefit one or a small group of individuals, such as in private enterprise. In social enterprise a community of the people involved in the business, all have say - like a direct democracy - on the business running, and all profits are split among those involved in the business and to developing the business even further without a single individual becoming a millionaire.

Why is a social enterprise business better than other forms of businesses? Of course all forms of businesses strive to argue that they are the best form of enterprises. Social enterprise benefits everybody, it is not a simple share holding where you get your investment income every month: it is where everybody involved hold as much power as the next person in the business regardless of how much money they invested into the business. But of course most of this is theoretical; in truth no businesses is quite as fair and even, charity organisations are supposed to be social enterprises but there is no denying that somewhere there someone hitting the jack pot from it.

Most common social enterprises are found within communities, where the people come together and raise funds to build a youth centre and whatever the youth centre may earn though organised events such as talents shows, fundraising, art shows etc. The money goes towards the sustenance of the youth centre.

Sharon Simon

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