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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The home of witty banter

Of all the things I saw this week I found Steve North the most interesting, possibly because he was talking about something that I and most people are interested in: TV.

The session was crowded and we were all eager to hear what North had to say about Dave TV and if he would answer the age-old question, why Dave and who is he? I am pleased to say he answered this question and I now feel at peace with the world knowing why Dave TV is called Dave TV. One man wasn't so pleased with North's answer and shocked most of the audience with his outrage at Dave being called Dave, calling it sexist, and then as North politely answered his question, he fiddled on his phone.

FYI Dave doesn't exist, which is a bit disappointing. I was hoping for them to bring him out - you know, so that I could put a face to the name.

There was a question/answer interview style to the talk which I found amusing but I'm not sure why. It was being recorded too which felt a bit too professional for the lecture theatre where I'm usually half-asleep on Monday mornings.

The co-ordinator of Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival was there too and gave an interesting talk. I thoroughly enjoyed the Festival this year and am looking forward to its return in 2013.

Now as I sit down to watch numerous re-runs of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Gavin and Stacey on Dave I will also think about how much I now know about the home of witty banter.


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