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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I went to #MediaBomb

Admittedly, the first thing that attracted me to this event was the # that is commonly associated with Twitter! However, on  reading more, I realised that this would be really useful to me as an aspiring journalist.

And useful it was! The panel consisted of professionals within the media industry who not only inspired me with their passion but also enlightened me on how the media business works and what you can do to get noticed. They used their experiences to answer some great questions that were raised, all of which were relevant to every sector of the industry. Here's a snippet...

A CV? zzz...

One of the big questions raised was, how can I stand out from the rest? The old method of handing out a classic c.v. in a basic template with your name and qualifications is okay, but where's that going to get you? Many of the panellists explained that employers are looking to say no, so you have to give them a good reason to say yes. You should get creative with your CV and allow it to express who you are. 'This is a creative industry, so be creative!'


Another question asked was, is it what you know, or who you know? to which the answer was mainly: who you know. I learnt a lot in the 2-hour session, but this is probably one of the most important things. Networking is vital.

 Just do it 

One valuable piece of advice I’ll take away from today is, if you have an idea, don't doubt yourself - have confidence and just do it. 

Beth Smith

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