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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Students on show

Although some of the students presenting their work were nervous, the student publications event with 3rd-years from the Demon Crew was excellent.  You could tell that they were all very passionate about their final product, whether it was, a set of leaflets, a website or an audio-show.
The audience warmed to the crowd and, as the event progressed, the authors became at ease when talking about their work. 

Humour was a frequent feature of the publications but each group was unique and the presenters highlighted the element that made their publication stand out from the rest.  Some talked about their collaboration with artists outside the course or their negotiations with printers and all worked hard to achieve the visual impact they wanted. 

I enjoyed this event and recommend it to next year's first years - especially those on the Creative Writing course.  The launch highlighted the hard work and team-work needed to achieve a professional appearance for the final publications. This event would also be of interest to the Leicester community as it illustrates the talent and intelligence of students at De Montfort University.

The Cultural Exchanges Festival allows the students to present their work and also view other aspects of the arts; it also opens-up the university for the community. 

There will be a further opportunity to see some of the publications at States of Independence, the "book festival in a day" on Saturday, 16th March, also in De Montfort's Clephan Building.  This also features a huge range of panels and publishers' stalls.

A. Birch

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