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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Drama, Fire, Bikes ...?

Drama is a strange thing.

By drama I am of course talking about the study of theatre and not the tension between two conflicting parties. If anyone know this, it's James Yarker.

Artistic Director at Stan's CafĂ© theatre since he co-founded it in 1991, Yarker has continuously challenged and played with the idea of what theatre is, whether it's foregoing the traditional theatre building in favour of a 7.5 tonne truck (The Black Maze) or performing for an audience of one (It's Your Film).

And now he's co-authored a book with De Montfort University's Mark Crossley, and on Tuesday 1st March, Yarker and Crossley will spend an hour in conversation as part of DMU's Cultural eXchanges Festival. This discussion format, in front of an audience of students and drama enthusiasts, is a touch more traditional than Yarker's normal endeavours.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you would be interested in, then book your tickets now. if you are on the fence about it, book anyway... It's free, and it promises to be a very interesting and very entertaining event.

James Yarker
'In Conversation...'
Tuesday, 1st March
2-3pm, Clephen 0.01

Book tickets HERE.

Rory Gillan

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