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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Anne Davies: "Perseverance is the key"

If I were to sum up Anne Davies in three words they would have to be inspiration, aspiration and motivation. Oh and determination. She's very determined!

Anne Davies’ talk to a large audience at De Montfort University's Cultural Exchanges Festival produced laughs, groans and many a nod of recognition as we were treated to a nostalgic, but by no means rose-tinted, journey through her career so far.  

Anne's early days were spent making tea and opening post at London’s Lime Grove studios where a well-known TV presenter regularly climbed over her desk to get out of the window - because that was the quickest way to the wine bar.  

From there her career has taken her through local radio in Leicester and Derby and the very first airing of GMTV, to the present and BBC East Midlands Today, Anne’s journey has exemplified the mind-set that no opportunity should be ignored, and that if you really want something, you should go out and get it.

With refreshing honesty, Anne Davies recounted the highs and the lows of an extremely varied and successful career. She returned again and again to the excellent advice that if you don’t try, you’ll never know. 'Grab every opportunity' but, quoting Jimmy Durante, Anne asserted ‘Be nice to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down’. 

Another excellent piece of advice was to remember that it takes ‘7 seconds to make 11 assumptions’ when meeting someone, so not only should we be ready to make a positive first impression when we know we need to, but we should always make that first impression a good one, because we never know when it might matter.

Anne’s talk concluded with an insight into her latest project ‘Fashanne’, Awards recognising excellence in the East Midlands' Fashion students. Determined to showcase the very best of regional achievement, and to ensure that the ceremonies are truly inclusive, this year’s show in June 2018, will feature both able-bodied and disabled models.This is the third year of the Awards, and while they have been a challenge to stage, the forward-thinking and influential Anne Davies continues to inspire with the final piece of advice, ‘Nothing worthwhile doing is easy but if you believe enough, you can persuade other people too’.

You can find more details about the Fashanne Awards 2018 and book your tickets here.

Helen Abbot

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