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Friday, 1 March 2019

Munroe Bergdorf - a crucial voice

"Say what you believe to be true."

Munroe Bergdorf's words truly stuck with me. Before attending Munroe's event on February 27th, I didn't know her profile all too well. But it's safe to say that I absolutely adore her now.

Funny, kind and strong-minded, Munroe proved to the audience of the sold out event why she is such an influential figure. Host and DMU student Sophie Hamilton asked all the right questions, from what Munroe's biggest achievements of 2018 were to what she wants to be remembered for. Hearing about Munroe's life and her hard work was extremely moving. 

I walked out of the room feeling inspired and motivated by her words. One point that specifically stood out to me was Munroe saying allies of marginalised communities can use their skills to support others, including writing and art. As a writer myself, hearing this was really important. I want to help make a difference with my own skills, and Munroe's advice has only pushed me further towards this aspiration.

Munroe isn't afraid to say what she thinks and what she believes to be true. Her powerful voice and mind reach out to all kinds of audiences, including young people who may be facing struggles similar to Munroe's past ones. Having someone who all kinds of people can look up to and be inspired by is important in this ever-changing world, and for that, I can only give my thanks to Munroe. 

Belinda Campbell

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