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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Discover your nosey side!

Of the many exciting events held in Culture Exchanges festival, one in particular that caught my eye was the Investigative Journalism talk, scheduled to take place at the Clephan Building, 3.03, Wednesday 1st March from 4-5pm. 

Stuart Price chairs talks from Head of Channel Four News, Dorothy Byrne, and the famous American investigative reporter Greg Palast.

As a Journalism student, I audibly gasped at this opportunity. My mind filled with a huge range of scenarios and subjects that might be discussed. After all, 'investigative journalism' is just longer way of saying nosey, and who doesn't like being nosey?

Come along to this question and answer session and discover your nosey side. You can
book your free place here.

Natalie Worledge

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