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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Meet the man in the white suit

This year’s Cultural Exchanges festival here at DMU is full of exciting events and personalities. One of those is the celebrated news reporter and politician Martin Bell.
Bell is known for his war reporting in Bosnia, where he was almost killed by shrapnel.  He covered foreign assignments in more than 80 countries and left the BBC in 1997, to follow a career in politics as an independent MP.
His presence at this festival will give students and writing enthusiasts an opportunity to hear from the man himself.  
For Journalism and Creative Writing students like me, this is an unmissable chance to ask questions not only about what is was like reporting in dangerous zones, but also to ask for advice on writing news stories and books.
The event only costs £3, which is a small price to pay for the opportunity of meeting such an influential character.
So, if you’re a fan, or just have an interest in politics, journalism or writing, join us Friday, 3rd March from 6-7:30pm. You can book here.

Sara Torres Vinagre

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