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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Ready, Steady ... Bid!

As I stepped from the lift onto the fourth floor, I received a very warm welcome from many happy art students who were hustling and bustling about, preparing lots for the Fine Art Auction.

Before me was an array of warm colours and patterns. Bodies stood at a distance and stared with deep concentration, trying to find some hidden meaning behind each piece.

I grabbed a free glass of red (win!) and wandered over to join some people who looked knowledgeable. I got talking to Abid Hussain, who graduated from DMU in 2012 and has been coming here every year since. He said “some of this work is fantastic and the stuff you buy here will be worth something one day. It's great chance to purchase a piece of fresh original work.”

 With that I took my seat. I’m not renowned for artistic knowledge but even I was able to admire the work on show. One artist, Kia Kennedy did particularly well; most of her pieces sold for over £20 and one went for £80.

There were 106 lots in total and every one of them sold. Prices averaged at about £25 and even I was able to grab a little something without spending too much. This was my first time attending the event, but with free wine, and a formal yet comfortable atmosphere, it’s one I will surely visit again.

Artist for both works: Julian Pinnick


Mary Roberts.

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