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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Late .. and inspired

Trains can be very unreliable- you might hope to arrive slightly early and end up arriving ten minutes later instead. Such was my introduction to this year's Demon Crew reading at the Cultural Exchanges festival, and it was for this reason that I almost didn’t attend.

I am beyond glad that I reconsidered. I was barely noticed as I made my late entrance- so absorbed were the attendees in the performances. And soon enough, so was I. Each performance was unique, ranging from political satire to humorous odes, personal experiences, and duets - I’d never heard of poems being performed in that way before. The short hour passed much too quickly for my liking and I found myself wanting to listen to more stories and poems from the immensely talented writers present.

I'd never been to a poetry reading before, and though the setup didn’t look the way I imagined it to (the TV show Jane the Virgin is to blame for my perception of book readings...), I came away feeling invigorated with new ideas and the urge to just write.

Here’s hoping this surge of inspiration will last more than a day!

Hanaa Nisaa

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