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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Stuart Price's Revolution?

I wasn't sure about what to expect from Stuart Price's lecture One Solution - Revolution? Beyond populism and neoliberal visibility. However his talk, interspersed with stills and video clips, held my attention to the end.

The talk covered populism, democracy and political issues from roughly 2011 to the present day. It examined personalities who created revolutionary movements as well as classes which did the same and this gave us the chance to explore a range of views about political issues in today's society. Whether his topic was Brexit or the election of Donald Trump,Stuart Price managed to give his audience a new view on these questions. Students who weren't familiar with aspects of contemporary politics gained much - as did well-informed audience members who took the opportunity to advance their views.

After an hour,  Stuart Price ended his talk with "I'm sorry I went 2 minutes over the time", but he shouldn't be too worried about that. The mixture of humour and serious political issues was so interesting and enriching in terms of knowledge that I could have stayed one or two hours over the time.
Marie Ana

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