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Monday, 25 February 2019

The writing is on the cake

I'm having a quick look through the Cultural Exchanges brochure when I see a picture a big pink cake. Written on it in icing is the word "PINGGG...K!" This instantly intrigues me. I get the feeling this is that one event  I'm going to be really excited about.
Reading on, I discover it's going to be an open mic poetry evening. I've never been to an open mic event which makes me want to go even more. It seems like a good opportunity to meet new people and have a nice time listening to live poetry performances. When I listen to a poem being performed, most of the time I'm almost instantly immersed. The direct communication between poet and listeners takes the experience of poetry to an entirely new level.

The event is especially supportive of poetry discussing matters of gender and sexuality - another point in its favour. I am definitely looking forward to the evening. It's a chance to have a good time with interesting people while exploring relevant, important topics through poetry.

Book tickets for the event here

Adriana Aleksandrova

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