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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bollywood tales and Alpine fantasies

As a film fan and eager to learn more about Bollywood, I made sure to leave home early so that i would arrive at Dt Monia Acciari's lecture in time. As a result I arrived half an hour early; I was the first to reach the hall and for the following minutes sat awkwardly in silence while Dr Acciari prepared for her presentation. Luckily the room soon filled up and people of varying ages occupied the seats around me. It was nice to see this event get the attention it deserved.

Dr Acciari showed clips and trailers from a range of Bollywood and independent Indian films. I've now added Jadoo, Hal Ho Naa Ho, Farz, Rockstar and Queen to the list of films I want to watch in my spare time.

It was also particularly fascinating to learn how Switzerland became a popular location in Bollywood films. Initially the film's story would be set in India but would cut to Switzerland for fantasy or daydream scenes. Eventually this expanded until long episodes or even whole films were set in Switzerland or other European countries. 

All in all, I enjoyed this event a lot!
Hayley Phythian

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