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Monday, 7 March 2016

Launching the Custodian

Rod Duncan's book launch was one of the most interesting, unique (and only) launches I have ever attended. Welcomed into the room by Nicola Monaghan (Niki Valentine) and the author himself, I found myself seated behind someone all in black, painting their nails the same colour and sporting intricate metal ear cuffs. The audience surrounding me were just as quirky, with some dressed in top hats and waistcoats, and one even wore what looked like a white lab coat. One lady entered in a top coat and a grey Victorian dress that stuck out at the back. These costumes reassured me me that I was indeed in the right place. 

I was lucky enough to not only be in the presence of the author, but the publisher and editor as well, and the event was also webcast live across the globe. Marc Gascoigne, Publisher & MD described the book as "the end of the beginning." Meanwhile the author himself talked about the way the book enabled him, not only to connect with the alternative world he has created but also with the people here in front of him and others who contacted him ln-line. For him, that what makes this "magic of writing" even more special. 

The Q&A section of the launch saw to questions about a fourth instalment of the Fall of the Gaslit Empire series, to which Rod replied that he was "working on it," with a smile. Other questions from the audience, but also sent through Twitter, confronted the challenges Rod had faced in writing the series and The Custodian of Marvels in particular. One member asked about the possibility of the series being turned into film. Rod's response was to laugh - and to encourage anyone watching or listening to contact him about the film rights.

Many of those present who hadn't bought the book purchased copies on the spot - and some bought earlier books in the series, taking advantage of the opportunity to get their copies signed.  

There's also a further event to look forward to. On 19th of March at 2pm starting at The Silver Arcade, Leicester, Rod Duncan is leading a short guided walk around the city, highlighting some of the places in which his books are set. This is a free event so, if you're interested, you can just turn up and tag along. For more information about the event and about Rod Duncan's books, keep an eye on the Angry Robot's website.

  Meanwhile Rod Duncan's fans are already looking forward to the launch for the next book in the series.

Rod Duncan
Sarah Anne

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