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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hotels in Hell

The History of the War Hotel was certainly an interesting lecture. Kenneth Morrison talked about the uses of war hotels in times of conflict, and the impact they had on people. A hotel could be a place for strategic/military assets, a place where the press/media could set up base, and a sanctuary for people in general.

It was particularly shocking to find out that the Hotel Europa in Belfast, had the misfortune of being bombed 33 times during 1971-1993. However, this almost caused the place to become a symbol of survival, and the hotel itself employed both Catholics and Protestants.

Grand Hotel, Brighton, was also targeted on one occasion, when Margaret Thatcher was among the guests, in attempt to cripple the government. Five people were killed and thirty-one injured but Mrs Thatcher escaped unhurt.

The Holiday Inn, Sarajevo, known for being painted yellow, was said to have been built on land deemed as “cursed”. It too had its fair share of hell.

Dominique Slatter

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