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Sunday, 1 March 2015

A benefit to us all

I left the Arts in Prison event feeling quite moved. I feel the work Alistair Fruish and his team do is extremely under appreciated in society as many people I know believe prisoners should not be provided with 'luxuries' or help as they have committed a crime and therefore need to serve their time without support. I disagree with this. Working with prisoners as Alistair does is extremely important in helping them move forward and develop themselves as people, not just as criminals. And, as Alistair says, "It's not just prisoners that benefit from the art; the whole establishment does."

The talk was wonderfully informative and engaging and I came away wanting to know more about the creative work people do with prisoners. I learned that work with prisoners is not limited to just reading and writing, but instead it branches out to various other creative means including plays which are broadcast on prison television and radio stations.

I cannot stress enough the importance of people like Alistair Fruish. The work he does is viewed by many as pointless and worthless but it is quite the opposite. With the levels of illiteracy in prisons so very high, it is important that there are people like Alistair looking out and offering support to those who need it in prison.

Casey Whiting.

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