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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pop Up Play: a symposium

Fun, Clever, Inspirational, Innovative, Educational - and that’s just the concept. In reality, the final product is so much more.
Pop Up Play is a new piece of software that introduces a whole new easy-to-use immersive education experience whether it be mainstream education, special needs, ESL or in students' own homes.
Thanks to The Spark Arts for Children, De Montfort University and Dotlib Ltd., any child with access to a computer, projector and webcam can enter their favourite video scene. And with the use of Pop Up Play’s tracking capabilities via the use of a Window’s Kinect, that same child can also track any item/picture to their body including a full character suit. The child can choose to be a pirate, a fairy, or even a favourite toy. The only issue is keeping up with how fast the kids can think up new scenarios. Time for another arts and crafts lesson!
It was a pleasure to attend the software’s launch at DMU during the 2015 Culture Exchanges week. The symposium began with a rundown of the program's development through four separate case studies in Leicestershire schools around Leicestershire, and it had everyone’s undivided attention from the start. After a quick lunch, we were all whisked upstairs in DMU’s PACE building to see the program in action. There were a few children ready to help and they showed us adults how tablet control should be done - and what fun could be had.

Since Pop Up Play is open source software and free to download HERE. Your imagination is the only limit.

Daniel Jensen

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