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Monday, 9 March 2015

The after-effects of Carol Ann Duffy

I've been a fan of Carol Ann Duffy's work for a long time - and slaved for hours over A-Level coursework about her poems. So when I went to her poetry reading, I wondered what she would be like. Arrogant, perhaps? Dull? Maybe even shy?

But as Duffy began to speak, my preconceptions disappeared and everyone in the room was drawn to listen. We moved from hysterical laughter at her reading from The World's Wife to mournful silence in response to a poem about her late mother. I found myself wanting her to talk for longer; she has a way of drawing the listener in, leaving them eager to hear the next word.

As I returned home, I found myself thinking about ideas for my own poems. I don't even like writing poetry, but Duffy is the kind of poet who makes you want to pick up a pen and write. I don't see myself becoming poet laureate any time soon, but if I can entice and amaze people the way Duffy does, then surely it's worth a try.

Lily Hood 

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