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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Seven Wonders of New Walk

It became clear within the first few minutes of the art collector's speech that the Seven Wonders consisted of Anthony D’Offay's most prized paintings. The passion in his voice didn’t waver as he guided us through each piece of art, detailing why it was iconic and why he had spent a portion of his life bringing these paintings to New Walk Museum.
Each painting had its own anecdote behind it. Anthony also took us through his childhood, explaining how his love of museums grew from when he was a child, where he would often travel to a new museum to see its works of art.

I was surprised to enjoy this event so much. Not only did I hear about the famous paintings, including one of Anthony's’ personal favourites ‘The Red Woman’, but I was pleased to hear wise words from a man who appreciates art, and just wants the world to see it too.

According to Anthony d'Offay, ‘An Art Dealer's job is to help and encourage artists, to bring their work to museums for the world to see’.

Annabel Easton

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