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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Identity for the Youtube generation

In the era of social media, Youtube is more important than ever for young kids and teenagers who spend hours browsing. Youtube influencers change people’s lives every day. 
Roly, a Non-Binary Youtuber, LGBTQ+ advocate and Body Modification enthusiast, is one of them. He believes that self-expression is extremely important and he shares with his 100,000 plus subscribers online. He is an important figure for the LGBTQ+ community as he inspires others to be themselves and embrace their differences. 
On Thursday, Roly joins Jack Wilkin, Vice Chair of DMU LGBTQ+ Society, in a conversation about how he uses his channel to help others accept themselves and their identities. Don’t miss him at DMU’s Cultural Exchanges Festival on Thursday 1st March at 4pm in Clephan 3.03.
Francisca Quadrio

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