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Monday, 26 February 2018

Josette Simon - in pursuit of the truth

“I like pursuing the truth and the exploration of human nature – that’s what I really love.” So said multi-award-winning actor Josette Simon, on her role as Shakespeare's Cleopatra in a Guardian interview last year.

“The only person who does her justice and seems to understand there is so much more to her than a bewitching enchantress is Shakespeare," Simon added." This is not just a play about passion, it’s a play about politics – and she’s as much a player in the political narrative as Octavius or Antony." 

With any luck, Simon will talk more about her sense of this and other roles when she's in conversation at De Montfort University's Cultural Exchanges Festival tonight.

Simon seems to be the kind of actor who has a hands-on approach for all the work she does. At Central School of Speech and Drama she was warned by the principal not to expect to get the classic roles because of her skin colour. This didn't deter her. Instead it inspired her to work harder than anybody and made her excel at those very roles.

If you're quick - and lucky - you might still get a ticket to see her tonight. Book here.

Regina Toth

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