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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Demon Crew phenomenon

When I entered the room for the Demon Crew presentation, I didn't know what to expect, so I felt almost like a nervous wreck. However by the end I was filled with happy and sad emotions. I felt proud of these students' achievements even though I don't really know them. It was a phenomenal experience.

There was huge variety in the presented work: poetry, novels and short stories in printed form as well as web-based a novel. Each piece came across really well, each person presented their work beautifully and in such an engaging way that I was hooked on every project.

There were two contrasting poetry presentations: Jenny Brooks' work derived from a friend's experience of lung transplant surgery and while Alicja Walendziak wrote about being Polish in England - and taking the piss out of both the Polish and the British. I definitely want to read both of their pamphlets. Shannan Mitchener's collection of poems based around mental health, which stood out because I knew where the author was coming from so I was able to resonate with the extracts she read out. 

Hayley Phythian
Hayley Phythian's collection of short stories was intriguing because they were based in the same world surrounded by the magic plane of existence. It was really awe inspiring. 

The most unique presentation was Hannah Jones' website novel using audio. We got to hear a snippet from the prologue, and the production was just outstanding though we have to wait for the website to go live. 

But I have a thing for Sci-Fi, so the novel, No Peace on Mars, presented by Andre Cowen and Adil Lakhani appealed most of all. The extract they read out was humorous but with a deep sense of politics - and that inspired me. 

Adil Lakhani and Andre Cowen
Overall the experience was tremendous. Not only did I get to appreciate other people's work but as a creative writer I understood how very much hard work lay behind it.

Josh Harwood

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