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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Is the truth always the best option?

Today I attended a lecture on the 'Truth in Journalism' hosted by Tor Clark.
Tor Clark is the principal lecturer in Journalism at De Montfort University and has been in the practice for 16 years. He is also a political speaker for BBC Leicester and Total Politics magazine.
The talk was very interesting but, it was the point he made about ‘Does the public always need to know the truth?’ was what I found most amusing.
He referred to wikileaks, Ed Snowden revelations, creating mass panic and the Kidnap Blackout agreement. This sparked a thought which made me think about how much should the public know (for our safety) and whether how much is reported in the news is actually the truth.
This was then followed by Tor explaining what he thought the objective of journalism is...

Q: So what is the objective in Journalism?
A: Reverence for truth

He also left me (and the audience) with his opinion, which I think was very useful in everyday experiences as well as journalism: 

“Unless there is a compelling reason why reporting should not tell the truth, always tell the truth.”


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