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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Uniquely Creative: The works of Laurence Sterne

Is Laurence Sterne one of the greatest writers ever? asks the event summary in the Cultural Exchanges programme. Or is it all Cock and Bull? Well, as an author he took creativity to a new level, and one thing’s for sure: his approach to his writing was definitely unique.

At De Montfort University today, at 2-3pm in Clephan building, Patrick Wildgust, Curator of the Laurence Sterne Trust, gave a detailed overview of Sternes life and, in particular, his most famous masterpiece Tristram Shandy.

From exploring Sterne’s alternate identities to giving an account of his burial, Mr Wildgust’s summary of Sterne’s life was detailed, clear and packed with enthusiasm. He even showed samples of Sterne’s artwork, most notably his “marbled” page and his inky black depiction of the concept of death. Sterne valued imagination very highly – and what better way to show this?

So whatever his position in the writing world, there is no doubt that Laurence Sterne left an interesting legacy in the world of creativity. And no doubt that today, that legacy was shown in the finest light.

Grace Liu

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