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Friday, 5 March 2010

More thoughts on Pascale Petit

I had no idea what to expect from yesterday's poetry reading. I couldn't go to the workshop with Pascale Petit as it was sold out. This left me wondering whether I would enjoy her poetry.

About an hour before the reading, I met up with my friend who'd been to the workshop and she showed me some of Pascale Petit's work. I was freaked out by the poem about a mermaid's curiosity about the love of man - and by the accompanying image.

But when it came to the reading, my thoughts changed. I really enjoyed her selection and I was fascinated by the way she uses pictures to write her poems. I might try that in the near future and see if it works for me.

I'm already regretting not buying any of her books. That's what comes of an empty wallet. I suppose there's always the student bookshop.

Katherine Howford

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