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Friday, 5 March 2010

A question of survival - please kill trees

I just have to say how IMPRESSED I am by Simon Perril's collage work. Of course, I loved the poetry but I've always been interested in multi-tasking. His combination of the visual with the written/spoken word - not to mention his brilliant reading - has completely inspired me to get cutting and sticking again, something that I haven't done in forever!

One of the favourite and probably most successful creative writing tasks I ever set myself was to come up with Itunes to accompany a collection of black and white photographs I'd taken. It sounds easy but it's so hard to get it right when your word count is so severely restricted.

I also really enjoyed the talk by Chris Hamilton-Emery of Salt earlier in the day. It made me want to go out and buy as many books as I could carry - a bit unfortunate when I've already spent x amount on Amazon this week.

There is nothing quite like holding a book, having it in your hands, smelling it and touching it. I'm all for iTunes - I couldn't live without my iPod - but I really don't get behind eBooks. How many books can you read on one train ride anyway?

If there ever comes a day that I cannot walk around a bookshop, drinking coffee and delicately stroking the spines of a million different editions than I might as well be dead.

Books must survive! The internet is fucking incredible but please, kill trees and print books!

Emma Wood

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