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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Room Full of Hitlers

A personal favourite moment from yesterday's Alexei Sayle talk was when he was asked about any memories he had from the set of Indiana Jones. Was it just me, or had anyone else forgotten that he was in Indiana Jones?

Anyway among other anecdotes (with less swearing than the rest of his talk because the speaker had asked on behalf of his young son) Alexei described finding himself in a room full of shifty looking people… It was only later he realised they had just been auditioning for the part of Adolf Hitler. He hadn’t recognised this at the time because all had, understandably, removed the trademark [false] moustache.

Alexei had us laughing throughout the entire talk but it was that image that made me laugh the hardest. It's also the one that has stuck with me since. The image of Alexei arriving in the Spanish desert and finding himself, unexpectedly, in a room of Hitler look-alikes has kept me smiling all day.

Aaron Latham

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