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Friday, 5 March 2010

The more you look for, the more you'll find

'Culture is what you make it, now is the time to invent.' (Sleater Kinney)

I didn't recognise Josie Long in the photo in the pea-green Cultural eXchanges Festival Guide, her fingers making the peace sign. I can see how appropriate this pose is now.

It was obvious straight away that she was quirky, creative and enthusiastic. When asked to say hello, she said much more and when asked half a question she had a five-minute answer. She apologised for going off on tangents but that was what I enjoyed; it was captivating. It was as if she had so much to say and all of these thoughts were jostling inside her head to find their way towards our ears.

As we were in a relatively small room she could speake to us in a more intimate, unprepared way; we had entered into her world. She carries round in her head lovely quotes that inspire her. I try to do the same but with a little book in my bag, and I couldn't resist writing down some of Josie's favourites.

'Eating is a small good thing in a time like this.' ("A Small Good Thing", Raymond Carver)

Everyone has bad times in their lives and knowing this is supposed to comfort us. However, thinking about 'a small good thing' to make the 'times like this' a little less bad comforts me much more. 'I'm just gonna bitch and moan' is what a lot of people do instead of living their lives. I've definitely been bitching and moaning recently, and I've achieved nothing from it. I think it's probably time to try living my life. Thank you, Josie Long. I am truly glad I heard you.

Claire Genevieve

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