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Friday, 5 March 2010

Salt of the Earth

Salt has historically been linked to money; past empires have been built on the back of the salt trade.

Salt Publishing needs our money. Co-founder, Chris Hamilton-Emery spoke candidly about the financial troubles of his company, yet he has lost none of his passion for publishing literature by both new and established writers.

The company enjoyed a boom period thanks to Arts Council funding, however, when they needed it most, the funds dried up. In 2009, just to rub salt in the wound, the company faced bankruptcy (I must stop making salt puns).

A campaign on Facebook rapidly spread the word, raising £30,000 and saving the company from ruin.

Chris told us some hard and sobering facts: out of every 1,000 books published by Bloomsbury, only 6 make money, more bookstores will disappear from the high street thanks to the recession, and the Arts Council's own funding has been cut.

However, the world will always need writers; it is how work is published that is changing. As technology develops, publishing must and will adapt, with more of a focus on self and community publishing projects.

I found this talk inspiring; times are hard yet Chris and his team work relentlessly to keep the company going, for the love of books and writing.

If we all buy Just One Book, we can help save them. Please visit their website.

Sally Jack

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