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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Akala & Shakespeare with a pinch of Hip-Hop!

Akala was absolutely insane this afternoon at De Montfort University, Cultural Exchanges Festival!!!

The amazing founder of ‘The Hip-Hop ShakespeareCompany’ and 2006 MOBO award winner for Best Hip-Hop Artist gave attendees an insight into Shakespeare that I thought I would never be interested in, as I have never been a fan of Shakespeare or his works.

The lecture started off with the best way to engage an audience (well I think it’s the best way), which was audience participation. Everyone participated as we played the ‘Hip-Hop and Shakespeare game’, where we had to guess whether the lyrics or quotes came from Shakespeare or rap songs.

(If I must say, this was extremely entertaining as I only managed to get one right!)

This then followed into an African History lesson where Timbuktu was mentioned. Now, if you don’t understand the significance behind Timbuktu and how the audience where in hysterics over it, I will explain it now…

We gathered that everyone in the lecture hall all thought that at one stage in their lives, Timbuktu was a made up place, or according to Akala, he thought it was in Narnia. The funny thing about it was, until today, I still thought it was made up!

We then got an insight into his own work called ‘Comedy Tragedy History', 27 of Shakespeare’s plays intertwined with a Hip-Hop style, which he performed Acapella.

Just listening to this made hairs stand up on the back of my neck!

I would definitely recommend looking him up!


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