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Saturday, 22 February 2014

An inspiration for the wannabe writer

When I was advised to watch third year De Montfort Creative Writing students give us a preview of their work, I expected to see for myself the level of talent and imagination I should be aiming for over the next couple of years.

And I was not disappointed. For a start, the range of subjects covered was impressive enough. From completely frank depictions of how girls and boys’ lives work, to the diary of a mayfly to a book of foreign words with no English translation, the ideas were endless. And clearly, so was the creativity.

I mentioned previously what I’d been expecting. In actual fact, I expected nothing more than that. No, I didn’t mean it would be nothing more than students showing what I should be aiming for. Because the diversity of subject matter and style showed me one thing: that there isn’t one standard to be aiming for. And that’s the main thing I have taken away with me from this event.

Grace Liu

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