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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

 George Orwell: Journalist, novelist, socialist, Englishman - and rebel with a cause.

 The man born Eric Blair - who would become one of England's most enduring literary heroes - was an enigma, a complex and contradictory character, who would never do anything he didn't want to do.

 That is according to De Montfort University's Professor of Cultural hhstory, Robert Colls, in his fascinating and engaging talk about his new book, George Orwell: English Rebel.

 Professor Colls took us on a journey through Orwell's life, from his days at Eaton, to his time serving in the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, through to his days fighting in the Spanish Civil War and beyond.

 The talk delivered a thoroughly insightful and at times humorous look into the often complicated life of George Orwell, the man who's mind-set, principles and opinions would be forever changing with his every new experience of the world.

 If you want educating on the intellectual hating intellectual, or want to know why the left-wing writer had right-wing sympathies, then look no further than Professor Colls and his fantastic new book.

S.R Chambers

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