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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Post-graduate writers at DMU, an inspiration to me

I think it is always important to support people, and the best possible opportunity I had to do this was attending a talk which featured post-graduates on the DMU Creative Writing course, sharing their work. I was completely inspired by them, their work was absolutely extraordinary.

Excited, was an understatement. They inspired me so much, because one day, I hope to be where they are now. All of them were so confident in their words, and it made me realize that, if I work hard enough, perhaps people will enjoy listening to my words, as well as reading them.

It was fantastic to hear both a mix of poetry and short stories, especially as I enjoy writing both of those genres, and as I listened to them speaking, it helped me think about how I could be making my words better, so people enjoy them out loud too.

Since starting the Creative Writing course, I've learned that you can write about anything really. I loved listening to a poem that featured sweets, such as a green jelly baby, a dolly mixture and a liquorice allsort. It made me and the audience laugh as a comical piece. It's starting to make me think that writing about my love for 'Mini eggs' is not all a bad idea. It was a very enjoyable experience, and I wish them well for the future.

Claire McGowan

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