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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Patrick Wildgust & Black Page

Patrick Wildgust came in and gave a talk on Laurence Sterne, in particular Patrick focused on Sterne's most famous piece of work, Tristram Shandy. I think it is fair to say that for me, it was a talk that had me awe-struck from beginning to end. I am not an artistic person, and was nervous when Patrick announced the book was an 'art' but, I shouldn't have been. In fact, I wish the talk was longer than an hour.

I was fascinated how one book can be visually transformed in so many different ways. How one page named the 'black page' had become such an interest to so many people. What also amazed me was the idea Patrick had got into contact with artists and writers, and asked them to create a 'black page', and how many different variations of this have been created. Mine had a blackened page with a heart in black in the middle. (I wish I could have described that more artistically...). But there were so many different variations, it was amazing to see.

It was one of the most unusual books that I have ever come across, but actually that suits me. As a creative writer and English Literature student, I rather enjoy the more unusual pieces of work. It's one of the most imaginative books I've come across.

Will I be buying a copy of Tristram Shandy after this talk? Yes. I think I most definitely will. I just hope Waterstones have some copies left.

Claire McGowan. 

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