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Saturday, 22 February 2014

DJ and Producer of Techno

Today I had the opportunity to attend a lecture from the amazing Rebekah at De Montfort University for one of the last events of Cultural Exchanges Festival 2014.
I was extremely glad that I was able to go to this event as she didn’t disappoint!
Rebekah was a Birmingham born DJ but is now a successful techno DJ and producer in Berlin. She has been a DJ for just over 17 years and still wakes up every day loving it even more.
Rebekah was very intriguing, as she was a normal kid with a dream like everyone else and she went out and challenged herself to succeed in becoming a producer and DJ. (I think this is very inspirational)
Also another thing I found fascinating was the logic behind her ‘mixes’ and ‘EP’s’. She creates her ideas around imagery, feelings and emotions, colours and also (quite surprisingly), the weather. She also said:
“I had a childhood memory of walking through a green patch and saw, even though they are rare to see, I saw bluebells. I then thought, how do bluebells sound?”
When she said this, I just new she was a very artistic and creative person, which is why she does so well at producing.
Also, she mentioned to the audience, which I thought was very down to earth …
“I had a few knockbacks; I didn’t get my hopes up. But I’m successful today because I didn’t give up, I challenged myself.”

Just this quote alone has inspired me today…

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