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Saturday, 25 February 2017

A cartographer's guide to music

Music. Maps. I think we’ll all agree they are two very different things. You wouldn’t use music to help you find your way around the Scottish Highlands, as much as you wouldn’t listen to a map to help you calm down after a difficult day. There can’t be any possible links between them, right? Well think again, because as part of De Montfort University’s Cultural Exchanges, lecturer Ross Purves will explore the links between the art of cartography, and the art of music.

As a musician myself, I was extremely excited to see this talk taking place. I’ve sometimes struggled to find inspiration for my music. ‘Musician’s block’ as I like to call it is just the same as your average writer’s block; it can strike at any time, leaving a musician stranded without inspiration or motivation. When it attacks, I need every piece of inspiration I can muster, and this talk could prove to be yet another tool to help me with this.

So don’t let yourself fall victim to musician’s block, book for this free talk now, and turn up to Clephan Building at 5pm on Wednesday, 1st March. This event promises to be fun, interesting, and informative for all.

Matt Towlson

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