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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Clean break

Creativity knows no bounds and can flourish even when people lack freedom. If there are people willing to explore themselves, dive into and dissect their insecurities, there will be art.

Too often creativity is stomped on, spat on and ridiculed. For too long, it has been seen as the academy's failed sibling.

Creativity is intelligence with elegance and vibrancy.

This is exemplified by the Clean Break theatre company. Clean Break changes lives. 

Angie Yorke is an example of their amazing work with women who have been affected by the criminal justice system. Angie says before she got involved with Clean Break she was drinking heavily, wasting her life and had no idea what she wanted. After attending the theatre company, she obtained access to HE, went to university, got her degree in Drama, and later her Masters. 

She proclaims, “I am now a master of the art”.

It's an incredible transformation, and what was needed? Just some people to give her time and support.

Clean Break is only for women in London and the surrounding areas. They help 200 women, providing expenses for travel, food, childcare, etc. If similar funds and facilities were available across the country, just how many more women could achieve their potential?

Clean Break works to provide qualifications and employability skills, and to improve mental health and confidence. They attempt to change these women's sense of their own identity, so that they see themselves not as offenders but students - students studying to better themselves and chase their dreams.  

Jack Robbie

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