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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

from Sherlock to Bollywood Jane

The BBC is one of the most influential companies today so a detailed talk on how to weave your way into the firm was definitely one to attend.

Hosted by Kate Chapman, Justine Potter and Amanda Whittington talked through the ins and outs of how a writer can become known to the BBC, and how to brush up on your skills once commissioned.

Justine made it abundantly clear that she was there for the audience and didn’t want to include any useless information. Her concern for the range of interests of different members of the audience was much appreciated.

She then went on to guide us through a power point on the Writers Room, a place for aspiring writers to have their scripts read by the BBC. I hadn't heard of this platform and, as  Justine spoke, I felt many doors opening for the future. She even showed us scripts of such well-known shows as Sherlock a and who doesn’t love a bit of Sherlock?


Amanda then took over, highlighting some of her works and how she and other writers honed the skills they needed for success. Judging from such plays as Be My Baby and Bollywood Jane, it was clear that the writer knew what she was talking about. She extended the same kindness shown by Justine, carefully answering the many questions asked.

A thoroughly enjoyable talk. 

Natalie Worledge

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