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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Lost and Found in Leicester

Short stories are like overlooked diamonds in an ocean of jewels. Writing them is a skill that must be honed, for writing a novel and writing a short are two very different forms. Short stories are making a resurgence, and to make the most of this, the Dahlia Press gathered writers from Leicester to create an anthology of shorts

Based on the theme of Home, the collection took a variety of approaches to this. Whether it was the destruction of home, leaving one's home, or someone making a house a home, these stories are all emotive and powerful, drawing on a word that is heavily loaded with emotional baggage ready to exploit. 

A particularly notable piece came from writer Jonanthan Taylor, who created a character failing to recognise her own home due to a medical condition, as told from a doctor's perspective.

All writers observed the value of each word in a short story and one compared short stories with a shot of vodka, giving you more of a hit than a novel could achieve with so few words. 

Walking away from such an event, I realised that although a short story might be described as a sprint, and a novel a marathon, both Mo Farah and Usain Bolt have to train for months in order to compete. Just because one is shorter, doesn't mean any less effort can go in. 

Dominic Gilmour

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