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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Radio is important, so don't ignnore it!

BBC Ears to the Ground was an eye-opening experience not only for me as a student, but for all those who were present on the evening.

The talk was led by Kate Chapman, Drama lecturer here at DMU, and she started by introducing Justine Potter who is a Development Producer for BBC Writers Room North and Midlands.

Potter was a fascinating and attention-grabbing woman. She started by telling us what the Writers Room was all about and how we should submit scripts into it.

“We get a good sense if a script is good by page 10. So, start with the moment where everything changes for your character instead of starting with introductions,” said Justine.

She also took us through events and festivals for writers and some important members of the Writers Room. Plus, we learnt about the great series they produce - some of them we watch on our telly every week!

It was fascinating to find out that shows like Boy Meets Girl started with a simple submission to their website. 
On the second part of the session we were introduced to Amanda Whittington, award-winning playwright who is currently writing drama for BBC Radio 4. She took us through her work and gave us some insight on what is like adapting plays to radio. She explained why radio is important and how we can make the most of our scripts.
“On radio, you can get inside your character’s head. It has a sort of intimacy about it.” explained Amanda.
As Justine said:
“Radio is the most exciting to write for. It’s just a joy.”

So was this evening.

Sara Torres Vinagre

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