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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Leicester: more than a historic city

If you ever journey into Leicester, you'll see signs bearing the words HISTORIC CITY. But that's what most signs say when they welcome you to any major city in the United Kingdom. Leicester and its residents, however, feel that there's more to say.. 
And after attending a reading from the new anthology Welcome to Leicester: Poems About the City, I began to appreciate just how much more there is.
The passionate and inspiring poets who read made aware of Leicester's great cultural variety it possesses, and I found the city's lack of wider recognition saddening. Editor Ambrose Musiyiwa highlighted Leicester's modesty, which makes it slightly reluctant to broadcast its immense collection of talent and artistic culture.
The anthology itself contains poems from a variety of writers, all conveying what the city means to them - whether it’s a poem from the perspective of a refugee who has found a home here or an imagined flight above Leicester  rooftops. Poets also address the less happy aspects of the city, recognizing its flaws as well as its strengths. 
Despite this, the main theme I felt was pride in Leicester, whether for their title-winning football team, their historical heritage or the diverse and friendly community in which all are welcome. This poetry collection speaks to people of Leicester form every walk of life and should reinforce their pride in the city. 

Dominic Gilmour

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