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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Savvy, strong, insightful

I can't deny the magnetism of Dorothy Byrne and Greg Palast when they talk openly about their fascinating careers as investigative journalists, both here and across the pond -- where, let me tell you, the press sounds far whackier. 
This talk was exuberant and enjoyed by both students and members of the public, offering much to pique their interest. It also struck a political nerve in many. Certainly politics always bleeds into journalism but these two reporters spoke so beautifully and impartially that I couldn’t help being inspired. If only I could be the next undercover sensation to unearth some scheme of grand corruption scheme in the Houses of Parliament, the White House or even DMU. 
The careers of these people speak for themselves. But watching their despatches in person was a pure joy.

Oh, and remember. You can’t go listening to any “fake news” now - because Dorothy assures there’s no such thing.
J D Gardner

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