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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

"Get them to get it"

The moment Paris Lees entered the room, a respectful silence followed. People from all walks of life had gathered to have their ears and eyes opened to the struggles of the trans community - struggles some have faced and struggles that some wouldn't believe.
Paris's captivating talk took us on a journey from the summer in which she "ditched her boy clothes" to her discovery of her political voice through charities and media outlets. The Gender Trust Charity, Trans Media Watch and All About Trans are just three of the organisations with which she has campaigned.
When you watch Paris talking, you notice how comfortable she is in her skin, how she dominates the space, and really tries to connect with what she is saying.
Starting with The Pink Paper, Paris also gained a foothold in journalism. She then moved onto other publications, including The Guardian, and is currently an editor for Attitude magazine.
While these achievements are awe-inspiring, she also spoke about the wider picture. Increasing transgender representation in shows like Eastenders and The Voice will help to "get them to get it" - and by "them" she means the ones who would use the trans community as a "punchline or a punch bag."
Paris's message was simple, yet effective. "Get out there and do it - just live." A mantra that everyone should live by.
Jack Wilkin  

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