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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

An evening with the "world's worst hairdresser"

Fresh from a viewing of his play Our Day Out at Leicester’s Curve theatre, Willy Russell created a relaxed atmosphere for all in the filled lecture hall last night. He gave a refreshingly frank account of his life and career from the comfort of his chair, with a glass of what seemed to be red wine at his side.
With song-writing, playwriting, and teaching under his belt, the self-proclaimed “world’s worst hairdresser” enlivened the interview with candid anecdotes and hilarious digressions. He also included animated readings from Blood Brothers and Shirley Valentine which were not only inspiring, but entertaining too.
My evening off from the dread of looming deadlines was well spent!
Based on Russell’s “real-life experience” as a teacher, Our Day Out will be showing from Thursday 28th April to Saturday 30th April 2016, performed by De Montfort University students at the Curve theatre in Leicester.

Jade Woods

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