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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

"Schools have a lot to do ..."

The Educating Yorkshire event was the one that I was proper fangirling over. So I couldn't believe that I'd managed to be such a dingbat and forget to book it...
But I did still make it. Eventually. And I'm so glad I did!
I remember watching the documentary on Musharaf's journey and being so moved by it. (And anyone will tell you, I have a heart of stone, so that's not an easy task.)
But I was equally impressed about the teaching staff themselves. You really have to care about people to be a teacher, not just care about your subject.
Teachers have a lot to do, but this is for a reason. It's about young people's future. And I'm glad that some teachers will go that extra mile to make sure that every student's voice gets heard.
And also, I definitely think everyone should have a Mr Burton in their lives.
That would be fabulous.
Jenni Brooks

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