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Monday, 7 March 2016

Lauren's Reverie

I wasn't fully sure what to expect from Lauren Rose Brown's talk, but I was not disappointed. I came prepared with a thermos full of tea, and I didn't touch it once. I was far too busy listening.

I was highly excited by the fact that Lauren is a graduate of DMU, and at the age of 23, has already published one of her novels. Listening to Lauren speak gave me to confidence in the idea that becoming a published writer was actually a feasible option. It was refreshing to realise that, though she had taken a diffrerent course of study, she had been at the very university where I am studying.

A highlight of the talk was the realisation that we both make use of a chapter table. This is a technique that includes writing of the outlines of chapters in a table, allowing the author to pinpoint what is going on, and whereabouts it goes in the story.

Lauren also mentioned something that hit home to me: that she often walks out of the cinema with the inspiration to write. I also have this urge. I suppose it's a response to the way new characters in a film create havoc in your brain when they do something that you don't agree with.

I think it is safe to say that I will definitely be purchasing Lauren Rose Brown's book 'The Reverie: Beginnings', and probably the whole trilogy when the other books in the series are released.

Faith Bennett

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