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Friday, 2 March 2018

A Businessman, Buddhism and Break-Dancing

Kizuna Dance offered three unique and absolutely mesmerising pieces of exciting choreography on Wednesday 28th February.

The male dancers in the first piece 'Koibito' were on point. Their timing and energy never dropped and the emotion was believable the whole way through. The narrative of "a businessman struggling to balance his drive to succeed with a desperate desire to rediscover intimacy" was powerfully depicted through the blend of contemporary, hip-hop and house. 

I don't know how the company was able to feel so personal and understandable while they explored the three sins of Buddhism through their piece 'Three Poisons'.

As a dancer I was blown away by their levels of energy and strength through all three dances! I particularly loved the way they slipped into the breaking and house dance.

Kizuna are a company to watch out for. Don't miss out when they next come back to DMU! Come back soon, Kizuna

Bethany Shirtcliffe

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