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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Anne Davies - headstrong and heartfelt

If you were looking for a confident, determined and approachable female role-model in the world of journalism, stop now! Anne Davies has it covered.

The award-winning journalist radiated a gallon-load of enthusiasm as she took us through a forest of anecdotes to outline her colourful career. From 'crying by the photocopier' as a secretary at London's Lime Grove Studios, to co-host of the first airing of GMTV, and her current position as co-presenter of BBC's East Midlands Today, Davies detailed how she fashioned her flourishing career path. 

  It was Davies' headstrong attitudes that kept her in control: asking questions and making active decisions whilst always remaining courteous and positive. 

She is an advocate for a motivated, amiable and inclusive mindset. Her FASHANNE awards project encapsulates this, as the first East Midlands Fashion Awards showcasing student designers of tomorrow, where this year's campaign for the 'Not 100% Perfect Body' will feature both abled and disabled models.

It was inspiring to hear from an industry professional who is still working hard to achieve and advance in her career, with unwavering passion and warmth. 

Davies concluded by assuring her audience that even if you're not working on your 'dream job', that can be exactly what you need to kick start your journey, to take control and shape it for yourself. 

For more details about Anne, you can check out her website or follow her on twitter @AnneDaviesTV.

Hollie Godwin

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